Restaurant Reviews

  • Atomic Grill

    Best food ever!
    The restaurant is clean, the menu clever, and very tasty. The salads are done in such a way as to choose toppings desired. The fried green tomatoes were light, but we'll seasoned and very delectable. Great place to eat!

  • Chaang Thai

    I love what they've done in this site, which has been three different restaurants in 5 years. I ordered the spicy chicken, which was very good, the Chaang Thai variety appetizer was a nice sampling of a lot of their offerings from fried tofu to chicken sataay. My friend ordered a lump crab and rice dish that came in a carved out pineapple. Brilliant and beautiful presentation, great service, good tea, and a lot of food in both our dinners and appetizer and less than $50 with tip for 2.
    - mcgervey

  • Chico's Fat Burrito

    Amazing food and very friendly service! The kids loved the quesadilla! The bbq beef taco was amazing!

  • Clubhouse Grill at The Pines

    Great Dinner!
    Get together here with old class mates often. We all very much enjoy the great food and great wait staff. Thanks!

  • Colasessano's World Famous Pizza & Pepperoni Buns

    Please come to NYC!
    Colasessano's! Please, please, please open an NYC outpost. Seriously, a tiny takeout place would have big lines, around the corner. The pepperoni roll niche has yet to be exploited up here. This is your opportunity! Take it! Plus it would make it a lot easier to get my fix because I love your food.

  • D.J.'s '50s & '60s Diner

    Great Chili
    DJ makes awesome chili!
    - Fred

    Typical Diner food and we had hamburger and fried chicken with fries and coleslaw. It was served promptly and tasted fine. The Diner was clean and had a 50s atmosphere. Next to the Comfort Inn so convenient too.
    - evgr

  • Flying Fish

    Shrimp Wrap
    Love the shrimp wrap here! It's delicious!
    - Bella

    I went caving in the Laurel Caverns, and after 3 hours of climbing and crawling my group had worked up a powerful hunger. I checked Yelp and this was the top reviewed place nearby, so we figured we'd try our luck. I'm glad we did! They had an extensive menu (with plenty of non fish items for duck, chicken and steak lovers)! I got the fish gumbo which was spicy and the shrimp jumbalaya. Everything was very savory, freshly prepared and fully flavored. I wish it was in Pittsburgh so I could try the whole menu!
    - Barry

    Seafood Quesadilla
    To this day... the seafood quesadilla is one of the best things I've ever tasted anywhere, EVER. And I've eaten at a lot of places. Shrimp and crab in a tortilla topped with fresh tomatoes and jack cheese with a side of sour cream. YUM. I still yearn for it til this day. Please go here, order this.
    - Adrienne

    BEST jambalaya!
    I had 1/2 order of the jambalaya for lunch today and it was AWEsome! If you are a jambalaya fan, I highly recommend!

  • Hill & Hollow

    HIll and Hollow
    HIll and Hollow is one of my favorite places in Morgantown. I travel a lot through WV and always love to stop and see what the locals are cooking up. When you eat a place like Hill and Hollow you realize the importance of supporting locals over franchises are. Chef Marion always has amazing Appalachian dishes on the menu from the local area. The Brazilian Loin Cut Steak is still my favorite here. I also recommend going to his specialty dinners as well they are amazing!

  • King's New York Restaurant & Pizza

    Some of the best pizza I've had!

  • Mario's Fishbowl

    Local Gem!
    Great wings, cold beer in heavy goblets - pretty sure they said 12 beers on tap. Great jukebox!
    - vacationmom

    Favorite Friday night wing spot to visit. Both locations consistently have great wings!

  • Mid Atlantic Market

    Great Sandwiches
    I really like the sandwiches here
    - Paul

    Fast Service & Great Quality!
    I ordered a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich from Mid-Atlantic Market through their on-line ordering feature and was very pleased. When I arrived, my sandwich was ready. The sandwich was delicious and made of high quality ingredients! I will definitely order again!

  • Mountain State Brewing Company

    Best Spinach Artichoke Dip
    This is the best by far I have even eaten. Almost ordered a 2nd instead of the delicious pepperoni flatbread.
    - Kp

  • My Kitchen

    Awesome Class!
    My husband and I took a class for our anniversary and we WILL be going back. It was so much fun! Very hands on. The food was wonderful.

  • Oliverio's Ristorante

    BEST breadsticks EVER!
    The breadsticks that Oliverio's gives you are incredible! Warm from the oven and brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese....yummy yummy!

  • Phoenix Bakery

    Best Bread Around
    The bread here cannot be beat. They have an excellent track record and they have risen from the the ashes more than once just like the proverbial Phoenix, their namesake. My favorite is walnut wheat bread but they have a variety that includes everything from Ciabatta to Chalupa. I love their scones and buy them especially when they have blue cheese & walnut. Outstanding bakery with friendly and capable staff, well worth your business.

  • Poky Dot

    Very friendly staff!
    Sometimes, diner food is just what the soul needs. Poky Dot has a lively, kitschy atmosphere and heft sized menu with a little bit of everything. Their food was delicious (albeit not so healthy, but I knew that going in) and the portions were ample. Some of their desserts are insanely huge - I saw two kids sharing an ice cream sundae that was nearly half the size of the youngest one's body! The staff was very friendly - something that can be a bit hard to find these days.
    - Kyan from Portland, Or

    I ate there for the first time tonight. Service was very good. Food was above averages and reasonably priced. The atmosphere is great. I bought 2 apple dumplings (takeout) for the family and they were a big hit. Large cup of coffee kept me satisfied the entire dinner. I will be back, next time I am in Fairmont
    - traveler from Charleston

  • Puglioni's Pasta & Pizza

    Favorite place!
    We went with a small group of folks with eclectic taste...everyone was pleased with their meals. The service was excellent, good delicious and we left with our next days lunch! My favorite place in Morgantown!
    - Charlestondiner

  • Rio Verde

    Excellent Food!
    This is my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Morgantown!!
    - Paul

  • Ruby & Ketchy's

    Had the BLT on an English muffin with crane cheese and an egg....FANTASTIC!! So good that I am making them for r dinner tonight!!!!!Could have eaten two!!!!

  • Sabraton Station

    Good food. Excellent service . Enjoyed the evening. Kimberly excellent wait person . Thanks !

    Amazing steak hoagies
    I am a very picky eater and to date hadn't found a hoagie better than Oliverios....I have now! Fantastic

  • Sargasso

    SO GOOD!!!! We especially love the Broccoli Cheese soup and the Clam Chowder in the bread bowls. This place is a must. The line can get very long, but it is worth the wait.
    - Maria

  • Table 9

    GREAT restaurant
    I have had many dishes here. The burger special on Tuesdays is always tasty and unique. The house dressing Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette is amazing. You won't be sorry!

  • Terra Cafe

    I got a recommendation for this cafe from the locals. It is right up my alley, especially with the interior decor and patio seating along a beautiful hiking trail. The waitresses were super friendly and helpful in making selections.

    I got a hot chai latte with almond milk, sweet sensation lingered throughout the day. For lunch, I ordered the black bean burger with beet salad as a side dish. I am not a vegetarian and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. This is not your regular veggie burger! The bun is made of pita bread and had some tahini on it. Otherwise, the vegetables were really fresh. Beet salad came with plenty of nuts and feta cheese. Other lunch options were tempting. I almost bought the whole store, despite being full :)

    Price was $9.95 for lunch meal. $4.45 for small spiced chai with almond milk. Produce is fresh, local, and organic for the most part.

  • The Lakehouse

    amazing food & atmosphere
    wow!! started with bang bang shrimp (yumm)and a spinach salad (best dressing ever)I had the monk fish & tasted the sword fish both were out of this world. The kids had ice cream cones for dessert, what a great idea! The deck was so enjoyable everyone had a great time..we may go back again tonight ;o)
    - Raffie Hamilton

    Amazing Valentine's Day Meal!
    The lobster entree in their Valentine's Day menu was amazing; the best lobster I have ever had!
    - Duane

  • The Montmartre

    My new go-to restaurant!
    I've lived in Morgantown for 3 years now, and I can't believe it's taken me that long to eat at Montmartre. The atmosphere is fantastic--very tasteful and original. The service is great, and the food is wonderful. I had the winter duck gnocchi. It consisted of a really good duck ragu, and the gnocchi was obviously homemade. My husband had the Song of the South, which was also very good, but mine was better. The star was the Salmon appetizer. The entrees come with salad and rolls, which is nice. This will be my new go-to fine dining restaurant in Morgantown.
    - Kay

  • The Sports Page

    Great time!
    Had a ball. Came up from Boston with 15 lunatics and had a great time!!!! Thanks you
    - Derek from Boston

  • The Tea Shoppe & Cafe

    Excellent food!
    Best quality lunch I've had in Morgantown in a long time! Tea and service also great!
    - Diane R

  • Tropics

    Amazing place! As a Hawaii native I have to tell you it was a pleasant surprise to find a Hawaiian Bar in the middle of West Virginia. The food is amazing! Mochiko chicken and the Loco Moco are my favorite. Definitely recommend those dishes, but honestly they are all great. Haven't had a lot to drink here except the Mai Tai's, but they are also good. The bartenders, waiters/waitresses and the owners are all great friendly people. They have a nice indoor area where you can drink and watch whatever game is on TV. The outdoor area is great. Very open with multiple bars and a dance floor. They have live music and a pretty fun crowd. Outdoor heaters keep the cold at bay if you're lucky to get a seat near one. Definitely a must see place. I recommend looking on their website to see the specials for the day or any events they might be having. :)

    great place for special event
    Had a graduation party for my son. Wonderful food, great service;
    servers very attentive and helpful. Lovely pavillion for outdoor, but nice inside facilities as well. Every one at party impressed..buffet prices for party reasonable. Held large group comfortably

  • Tutto Gelato Cafe

    Pumpkin Latte
    YUMMY pumpkin latte! Recommend for mid afternoon pick-me-up!
    - Lynn

  • Wings OlĂ©

    This is one of my favorite places to eat in Morgantown. I personally like the Wings Ole' on the river, but the other is just fine. I'm especially in love with the french fries in the blue cheese sauce.
    - Andrew from Huntington

    A diamond in the rough!
    I graduated from WVU over 30 years ago, and my family and I still go back to Morgantown just to eat at Wings Ole. Don't go if you're looking for atmosphere, but do go if you're looking for great food. We will drive out-of-our-way just to go through Morgantown to get some of the great burritos, fries n blu and of course the amazing Wings. Wings Ole, still great 30 years later. It's a tradition in our family!
    - Rick, WVU Grad

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