Terra Cafe

425 Industrial Ave., Star City, WV
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Here at Terra Cafe, food is our passion. We use only the finest and freshest local ingredients to create dishes and pastries!

HoursMon. - Fri. 7AM - 8PM
Sat. 8AM - 8PM
Sun. 8AM - 2PM
Sunday Brunch 10AM - 2PM

Menu limited to Beverages on Sunday

before and after Brunch.


I got a recommendation for this cafe from the locals. It is right up my alley, especially with the interior decor and patio seating along a beautiful hiking trail. The waitresses were super friendly and helpful in making selections.

I got a hot chai latte with almond milk, sweet sensation lingered throughout the day. For lunch, I ordered the black bean burger with beet salad as a side dish. I am not a vegetarian and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. This is not your regular veggie burger! The bun is made of pita bread and had some tahini on it. Otherwise, the vegetables were really fresh. Beet salad came with plenty of nuts and feta cheese. Other lunch options were tempting. I almost bought the whole store, despite being full :)

Price was $9.95 for lunch meal. $4.45 for small spiced chai with almond milk. Produce is fresh, local, and organic for the most part.

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