Poky Dot

1111 Fairmont Ave., Fairmont, WV
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The Poky Dot is a modern take of a classic diner with a fun atmosphere!


Very friendly staff!
Sometimes, diner food is just what the soul needs. Poky Dot has a lively, kitschy atmosphere and heft sized menu with a little bit of everything. Their food was delicious (albeit not so healthy, but I knew that going in) and the portions were ample. Some of their desserts are insanely huge - I saw two kids sharing an ice cream sundae that was nearly half the size of the youngest one's body! The staff was very friendly - something that can be a bit hard to find these days.
- Kyan from Portland, Or

I ate there for the first time tonight. Service was very good. Food was above averages and reasonably priced. The atmosphere is great. I bought 2 apple dumplings (takeout) for the family and they were a big hit. Large cup of coffee kept me satisfied the entire dinner. I will be back, next time I am in Fairmont
- traveler from Charleston

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